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Tips For a Great Slideshow

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Arrange your photographs to tell a story. We have been programmed since childhood to enjoy a good story. This holds true in most forms of entertainment that we partake in as well. Think about it for a moment, movies and television shows are stories or segments of a story. Most memorable songs tell a story. [...]


My Friend Bri

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My friend Bri has a photography business. She has allowed us to highlight a few of her photos. Bri says, "This photo shoot was done through much preparation. I began by coming up with a theme that carried a meaning. A few words came to mind: whimsical, mysterious, innocence, and Hispanic heritage. With these words [...]


Free Digi-Slides Custom DVD

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Hi and thank you for stopping by. The title is true. From time to time we will be giving away a free Digi-Slides Custom DVD video slideshow, and now is one of those times. In honor of our website being up we are celebrating by giving away a free Digi-Slides Custom DVD video slideshow. Winning [...]